Gunner University offers POST certified training for smaller law enforcement departments that do not have a POST Certified instructor on staff.

All classes can be mixed and match to suit your needs.  

These are the classes we offer:

Criminal and Case Law 
Criminal and Case Law Update – 4 Hrs Legal Studies


1. Position SUL – 1 Hr 
2. Handgun Qualification Course – 3 Hrs 
3. Glock Handgun Maintenance – 2 Hrs
4. Immediate Action Drills: Pistol – 2 Hrs

Shotgun Qualification
1. Shotgun Course – 3 Hrs

Firearms AR-15/Carbine
Carbine Introduction and Qualification – 3 Hrs
AR-15 Operations and Maintenance - 2 Hrs

Interpersonal / Procedural 
Managing Workplace Conflict – 1 Hr Interpersonal
Ethics in Law Enforcement – What the Public Expects and How Officers Can Deliver – 2 Hrs Interpersonal
10 Must Do Actions before your Patrol Shift – 1 Hour Technical Skills
Personal Security for Prosecutors - 2.5 Hrs - .5 Legal & 2 Hrs Technical 
Criminal Justice Information Sharing – A success story – 2 Hrs Technical

Procedural / Crime scene
Rape Survivors and the Police – 1 Hr Interpersonal
Building Searches: Refresher Course – 2 Hrs Technical
Animal Activity and the Crime Scene – 2 Hours Technical Skills

Threat Identification
Sovereign Citizens – A Credible Threat to LE – 2 Hrs Technical
Threat Recognition – A Problem for Our Nation’s LE – 1 Hr Technical

Computer Crimes

Computer Investigations: Use of Social Media – 2 Hrs Technical
Identifying and Seizing Electronic Evidence – 3 Hours Skill Development

Racial Profiling for Missouri 
Law Enforcment: Taking a closer look at our changing society – 3 Hrs Interpersonal

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