Advanced Concepts of Shooting:

Semi-Automatic Pistol

Course Introduction:

This class is an advanced level course for Semi-Automatic pistol shooters and is designed specifically for those who have completed the Intermediate course.
This course will be physically strenuous and will have timed courses to increase stress.
Course Length: 6 Hours // Course of instruction will include 2 Hours of technical classroom instruction and a minimum of 4 hours on the range.

Cost: $89.00 Per Person

Topics covered include the following:

1. Safety

2. Technical Class room work

3. 4 Hours at the Range covering:

    1. Move & Shoot

    2. Engage multiple targets

    3. Shooting from Cover/Concealment

    4. Strong Hand & Weak Hand shooting

    5. Single hand reloading;  Strong & Weak hands

    6. Unfamiliar shooting positions: Kneeling, Sitting and from your Back.

Course Requirements:

You must have completed the Intermediate Semi-Automatic Pistol Course. If you have not had the Intermediate Semi-Automatic Pistol Course please sign up for that course here.


Semi-automatic pistol of at least .380 caliber that can be carried in a belt holster.
The firearm must be fully functional, have all factory-installed safety devices intact, and have no dangerous modifications such as a “hair” trigger (less than 4 pounds for Double Action, no removed trigger guard, etc.

No “Pocket Pistols”. The very small frame semi-automatic pistols are not allowed in this course due to their very small size and difficulty to handle.

Belt Holster

The holster must be on the belt, (no concealed carry) adequately fit the weapon, completely cover the trigger & guard, remain open when the weapon is removed, No collapsible holsters, NO thigh rigs, No Shoulder holsters, No cross-draw, - Belt holsters only!


A minimum of three magazines is required.

Belt Mag Pouch

On the belt mag pouch(s) are required. You will need the ability have either two single mag pouches or one double magazine pouch on your belt. 


This course requires 250 rounds of ammunition. No personal re-loaded ammunition is allowed. All ammunition must be new or commercially reloaded.

Eye protection.
You will not be allowed on the firing line without eye protection. If you do not have proper eye protection, you must inform the instructors before leaving the class to go to the range.

Note:  Eye protection (ANSI Z87.1) is sold by Gunner University for $3.00 Per Pair and may be purchased at the time of the class. If you require prescription glasses to see, we have “over-prescription” shooting glasses as well. 

Hearing Protection.

You will not be allowed on the firing line without hearing protection. If you do not have proper hearing protection, you must inform the instructors before leaving the class to go to the range.

Note: We will have disposable hearing protection for sale ($0.75 per pair) and may be purchased at the time of the class.

Proper Footwear

Proper footwear must be worn on the range (outdoor range). No flip-flops or open toed shoes of any kind. No shoes that leave the top of your foot exposed will be allowed. We highly recommend boots, but athletic shoes will be acceptable. If you do not have proper footwear, you will not be allowed on the range.


Long pants are a requirement as you will be bending, kneeling, and laying down on the ground. Shorts will not be allowed for this course.

Knee pads (not required)

Not a requirement, but knee pads are recommend for this course as this is an outdoor range and you will be kneeling and getting up and down in the dirt (and let’s talk it is Misso

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