JJ Goulbourne

Gunner Univesity Instructor JJ GoulbourneJJ has a total of 23 years of law enforcement experience. He has been with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office as a Reserve officer for the past 10 years. Prior to that, he was with the Christian County Prosecutor’s Office as an Investigator and System Administrator. He has worked for the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office as System Administrator and as an Investigator. He worked with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office as a Reserve Deputy and was assigned to the Training Division as a Firearms Instructor. His previous law enforcement experiences include: Lieutenant with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office as Reserve Division Commander, Patrol Officer with the Monett Police Department, Patrol Corporal, DARE Officer, Crime Prevention Officer and School Resource Officer for the Aurora Police Department, Patrol Officer with the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida Police Dept., and Reserve Officer with Ft. Walton Beach, Florida Police Dept. He is a Military Veteran with 16 years of Military experience. He served 6 years on active duty with the United States Air Force and 10 years with the Missouri Army National Guard.
In addition to those many accomplishments, JJ has several IT-related certifications. He also has several law enforcement certifications, including: Generalist Instructor (Missouri Sheriffs Training Academy), Firearms Instructor and SWAT Officer certification through the North American SWAT Training Association. Additionally, he serves as Website Administrator for the Missouri Law Enforcement Funeral Assistance Team and the Missouri State Investigators Association. He has spent 4 years as an IT technician with the Greene County Information Systems Department.

Dan Crouch

NRA Certified InstructorDan served in law enforcement in the Uniform Operations division for nearly 10 years. During his service, he attained high levels in marksmanship and became an advanced BAC Operator. He trained other officers on detection and apprehension of DWI suspects, as well as training them to become BAC Operators themselves. After many years on the road, it was back to the Highway Patrol’s training center to attend the DARE Instructor Academy, where he graduated with honors. After a couple of years as a DARE Officer and teaching many classes, both to youth and adults, an opportunity to start his own business arose.

Leaving law enforcement, he started a successful IT management company where he was able to learn several different disciplines as both an IT professional and a business owner. The business is still successful and has been serving customers for over 18 years now.

Still loving to teach, Dan has had the opportunity to preach and teach in various churches and Sunday schools over the years. He also believes in the Second Amendment and the importance of being involved in the public conversation about freedom and liberty. He believes that knowing and understanding the constitution and the Second Amendment is a must, especially in today’s world. This naturally leads us to the importance of safely and confidently using your firearm, as this is the best guarantee of a free and prosperous future. He believes it so much that he got his NRA Training Instructor Certification in pistol and rifle shooting, as well as his NRA Range Safety Instructor Certification.

In the process of running the IT business, back in the early 2000’s, he met and helped train JJ Goulbourne in the discipline of IT repair and management. Fast forward to today, JJ and Dan are back together in a new venture, both using their training, experiences and certified expertise to bring high-quality training to the public through Gunner University.

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