How It Started

We started Gunner University because we saw a real need in the rural communities of Southwest Missouri for solid firearms training from certified and experienced professionals. In the past, in order for the average person to get training, you had to pay a premium price, drive an hour to get to the class, have a full day and then turn around and drive home. This made access to professional classes both costly and time consuming. We are changing all that.
The two of us are not only certified instructors, but we also have backgrounds in law enforcement, teaching and training. We decided to put our experience to use providing a better alternative to the distant metro-area classes. Thus Gunner University was born.

Civilian Firearm Training

NRA Training 180In an age of ever-increasing violence from those who will not obey any laws, it is just sound judgement to get trained and be proficient with a firearm. That is what Gunner University is all about: teaching the average person to become confident and proficient with firearms. Our entire goal is to make sure you can handle, shoot or maintain your firearm without the fear or trepidation that comes from lack of knowledge and lack of confidence.

Law Enforcement Training

Law Enforcement Training logoSoon after we started Gunner University, it became apparent that there was need for specialized training for law enforcement officers. One of our instructors is certified by the State of Missouri for general POST training, as well as firearms instruction. That, paired with both instructors' extensive IT backgrounds, made it obvious that law enforcement training must be part of what Gunner University has to offer. We are always looking to expand our training offerings to fit the needs around us, and to bring the latest in information and techniques.


You can find a complete list of the classes we offer both for civilian and Law Enforcement by following the menu tabs at the top.


NRA Certifed Training


NRA Certified Instructor


NRA Certified Range Safty Officer


Law Enforcement Training at Gunner University